#49 Dicklamatorie Immunity


Someone Quits the Podcast. So? We then read text messages. K. lol. Someone forgets how birthdays work. K. A new Band called Beertop and Lapcan feature their first hit. We talk about tattoo were gonna get if cheese gets super lucky. lol. So? And then we learn what cockholding is, and we chat about calling sexlines. K. K. Odious tries to revamp his new segment, and someone eats a candle accidentally. lol. So? Oh and someone gets Diplimatic Immunity. Did we mention someone actually quits the show? K.

Music: “Quitter” by The Hate Noise

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#48 Gang Banga The Face


We talk about ants for some reason, then odious teaches us about Venom before he admits that this is the only dimension he hasn’t killed Bumble in. Until we learn the definition of Gang-banga-the-face, and Jitters decides he wants to steal both our styles combined as a crossbreed. Thanks Jitters girlfriend for buying him that sweet shirt!!! You can fear the Carebear Stare. And we never quite get a catchphrase from our idiot co-host.

Music: “Pussy Gang” by Grâce et Volupté

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#47 Mike’s Hard


Odious adds yet more words to his DICKtionary right off the bat as we take you more backstage and behind the pod and then talk beer. Then we talk about our hopes for a future game as we try out a new segment called Suicide Corner… only to find out Odious’s goal of a Gay Catchphrase for himself. That, or something called 3 minutes in the pharmacy. And someone unzips someone else’s zipper…. kinda sexy eh?,

Music: “Lemonade” by Hector 3

#46 If The Suits Have Sex


We ponder what has become of Odi, then talk a bit of Pokemon/Digimon as we recap our tattoo ideas. Bumble apparently text about Coke Dick while Jitters waits a really long time for coffee as we hear the story of Pauelo Rivera, and yet more Pokemon porn arrives on the show? Then our curdled friend shows up for a few minutes as we make him late for work until the magical word Pie is muttered. And Bumble tries to describe what his updated outfit looks like to Jitters… I deeply apologize Batman and Iron Man…

Music: “The Girl From The Coffeeshop” by Lazlo Supreme

#45 Were Both Sticky


Woah? What podcast are you listening to because within minutes we talk about Spider-man and Doctor Octavious. Odious tries giving himself new nicknames and tries to expand Bumble’s wallet because he thinks its funny. Then we gets upset that we keep calling him out for texting and distracting us. He tries denying his disgusting chewing habits and Bumble talks future plans including rap songs and the standup show. And the show just sorta slowly ends… sorry, we were all super tired and overworked. But we do give you time to use your imagination as ties are bound.