#41 Classic Number Ten


We analyse Beenies and homelessness and remember to stay Slow in the Snow. Then we ask for a 3 man (or woman) Camera Crew to assist us with a project, Odious critiques Bumbles outfit and we talk about how genius it is to give 20% and still get paid the same! Someone tries to start a new term called Swifting. We have lots of ideas for a upcoming youtube segment… and we hope to find a Hermaphrodite to test a ongoing question for us.

Background Music by: pk jazz collection

#40 The GTH Antique Road Show


We go on the road… for the Antiques Road Show!

Come learn about antiques with some odd sellers as we value their items:

Nancy Tesla: A Time-Phone

Andrew Cobblepot: 1860’s Hog’slong Cane

Real-Man Daniel: Six Gun’s (Ryce Krispy) Hat

Odious: the Treebranch from the beginning of Time around 0BCE

Johnny Bean: Robotic Penis Shoe

One-eyed Career Changing Pirate Pilot: The Clawburn Hook

Portland Skipper: Charlie Chaplin’s Bike Replica

Blue: A precious and priceless Diamond


#39 It’s All Just a Masquerade, so let’s Go to Hex


It’s our Thanksgiving Crossover Special…. we welcome you to our Family Chaos.

Who is the Chandler Bing of the group? We explain to Bookworm why not to eat eggs from a special island. And you better expect some singing. We decide that Nora the Masquerade dog needs a special friend. We ask what the picture of facebook looks like. Odious has a dream… in the field. We try to get Odious to go to the hospital for his semi-severed toe. Shaun Kingston… the famous sock maker. Wallace shows up for a visit, and gets shagged. We introduce The Masquerade crew to Fist Bump City. Can the TMNT overpower Superman? And Odious almost gets tasered. Plus we discuss the James Bond formula.

Then sit back and listen to a non-nerd try to explain the Captain America: Cival War trailer upon first viewing. And we make sure it is known that the Human Torch is NOT pyro. And someone falls asleep… and gets a dick drawn on their neck. Classic.

Music: Like A Loser – The Detour

#38 If Their Real Odiots


We have a very special guest join us at Perkins and Bumble sets a Commercial Challenge. We talk ghetto cars before Odious teaches Ebonics. We explain a car accident that two of us were in the same day as the pod was recorded. Then learn about sexy play-places as people start removing cloths. Bumble and Jitters talk about possibly doing another pod together in the near future. Odious talks about drugging us. We learn what skeeting is before Odious throws a fit cause he wants to go home… but he IS a pussy afterall. And we figure out what to call Odious’s fan-club members! Plus find out what happens when bumble walks away for a few minutes….

Music: “All I Do is Wild” by Young Tudda

#37 Bumble has an Epiphany


We give updates of our week since we last met up & we do it without having a reality check. Odious breaks down the word Poopee. We ask if classic jokes we made as a child ever go bad. In case you didn’t know already we also go over how real men Capri their jeans. And we find out that even the Amish like Bumble more then they like Odious. Then we discuss what it takes to be an inbred cat.

And stay tuned for what may be the most awkward (and yet sexy) ending recorded thus far…

Music: “In Your Light” by Rachael Mann

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#36 The Gay Daniel-Son


Listen as Odious dream of getting WiFi style with The Internet while he continually injures himself more and more as the pod goes on. We learn just how much of a player John Mayer is and we remember the days when we were young mallrats. Plus we solve the great Subway debate on if they will remove meat from the menu. Oh, and we all die on this podcast. Bumble’s hair causes an outrage until we learn that Odious has dreamed of making a Gay Karate Kid Movie for several years.

Music: “Little Bird” by Jake & Dan”

#35 So is it “BooCocki”


The whole crew raids the Crackhead Ghost’s House for a “spooky” Halloween Edition. We see who believes in the supernatural and listen to some ghostly facts. We find out when to tell woman to be average and then we give you a Dick-Experiment to try. Then some of us have ghost-babies but abort them shortly afterwards. And someone admits they are gay! We talk slumber-party games and even play one. And we reminisce about costumes before we part ways with the Chihuahua-Turkey ghost pack.

Music: “Bones on Fire” by Audio Empire

#34 He was Giant & Black so I Apologize


Thanks to the power of magical phones & a fancy song we channel an Englishman & a chair. Bernard Thumpkin! We break down the Pound before Jitters trys to describe what a Brit looks like. We learn about Luke Hammel as we talk a littler actor talk. Bumble hits toward more Pod-jects as we remember remember. With Odi taking a shit and Jit in the Pit yet another fill in fills in. And we end with a introduction to a awesome facebook game called City of Gate! https://www.facebook.com/groups/cityofgate

Music: “Scattered Lights” by The Sixes

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#33 The Inquisitor 2


We bring Our-Yan back to the show for another edition of The Inquisitor! We learn right away that Odious is actually known as Gonorrhoea Odious! Jitters makes some bad belt choices, we teach Gonorrhoea Odious the differences of fantasy races and racing as he picks his “high” class. We learn our Mafia Names… and then we get more planetary stupider. We find out if balls go inside a lady and learn about Jordan. We walk a very straight line and lightly rekindle our childhood… and Our-Yan draws more pictures.


http://www.thelinktheory.com https://twitter.com/LiNK_THEORY

#32 Jit in the Pit


On this episode we switch parts a bit, Odious tries to teach us about taxes but his woman shows up with more knowledge then him, we have a big Dickscussion where we learn some people masturbate wrong so we try and fix it. Odious then tells us of his idea for a strap on bedpan. The segments on this episode mix to Dirty Deeds, Jit in the Pit and Bumble w/ Beast.

Music: Close to You by The Detour

( if you downloaded this before 10/10 you may have Ep.24 accidentally, delete it and redownload please )